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Mission & Credo 

When it comes to bolting accuracy and ease, Titan MidAmerica is the prefered supplier to numerous maintenance, mechanical, and infrastructure firms. Our team specializes in responsive friendly delivery of the highest quality torque and tensioning tools. If the solution is not on our shelf, we can custom fabricate the part, tool, or assembly.

Although many would view us as a "torque tool company," we believe our paramount job is to be a service company that keeps your crew moving smoothly along their critical path to completion. This often means extra energy, training, searching, and travel...and this is what we do well.

If you are facing a challenging bolting application with extreme time sensitivity, we will mobilize any of our resources to get the job done. Titan MidAmerica is a Midwestern firm with a global reach. The correct calibrated tool can be delivered to your team anywhere in the world.

Specializes in Hydraulic Tools, Hydraulic Torque Tools, Material Removal, Pneumatic Tools, Power Tools, Grinders